photo of Mark LuzsczImplementing Better Design

In a roundabout, there’s just one decision to make [as opposed to at an intersection]. Nationwide, studies have shown that injuries and fatal crashes are reduced anywhere from 70–90% when roundabouts are installed with proper design and at the proper locations.

Human-factors research has gone into a new style font called Clearview, which we're starting to use on some new projects.... Drivers can understand the messages sooner, which might mean the difference between 100 feet and hundreds of feet at 65 mph.

Countdown heads are something that we’re installing at all new and retrofit intersections for pedestrian crossings.

—Mark Luszcz, Delaware Department of Transportation

Project Partners

Roadway Safety Foundation

Safer Roads logoThrough its “Safer Roads: Building Safety into Your Drive” public awareness initiative, the Roadway Safety Foundation provided a technical-assistance grant to the University of Delaware’s Institute for Public Administration (IPA) to develop the “Safe and Mobile Delaware” campaign, coordinated the various planning phases, and connected Delaware to a national and regional network of transportation and roadway-safety experts and initiatives.

Federal Highway Administration

FHWA logoThe funds for this project were provided by the Federal Highway Administration of the U.S. Department of Transportation.

University of Delaware

IPA logoInstitute for Public Administration
Out of 20 applicants nationwide, IPA was one of six winners of a technical-assistance grant from the Roadway Safety Foundation to develop a statewide older-driver safety campaign. Its campaign research and information is closely linked to previous research conducted as well as a report published in 2007—“Assessing the Needs of Delaware’s Older Drivers.”

DCT logoDelaware Transportation Center
DCT has been an ongoing partner with IPA on a number of transportation projects and initiatives. The center and its T2 staff co-sponsored the IPA-published report “Assessing the Needs of Delaware’s Older Drivers” and has helped support the planning and development activities of the “Safe and Mobile Delaware” campaign.


AARP logoThrough the national office, AARP helped select technical-assistance grant awardees for RSF’s initiative. AARP Delaware has provided assistance to the “Safe and Mobile Delaware” campaign throughout the various planning and development phases.


AAA logoAAA helped select technical-assistance grant awardees for RSF’s initiative. AAA Mid-Atlantic has been very supportive in planning the “Safe and Mobile Delaware” campaign by providing regional information on safe-driving initiatives and information for publication materials.

project partners FHWA AARP AAA University of Delaware Institute for Public Administration